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Aquapolymer. High performance adhesive and coating solutions

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Tapes

Water based acrylic dispersions for the manufacture of industrial tapes.


Pressure sensitive adhesives for labels

Water based acrylic dispersions for the manufacture of high end labels, including APEO free adhesives and adhesives with high solid content.


Water based acrylic dispersions used as additives into concrete mixtures to confer superior qualities in water resistance and flexibility.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Automotive

Water based acrylic dispersions specifically developed to meet automotive standards, such as high cohesion values at high temperatures aswell as high adhesion on difficult substrates.


APEO free water based acrylic dispersions, used for the production of exterior paints, flexible coatings and wood paints and impregnations, providing good compatibility in filler content systems and with low VOC’s.


Water based acrylic emulsions with excellent color retention, UV resistance and high elasticity.


Water based emulsion with low odour, excellent transparency and good water resistance.


APEO free styrene acrylic emulsion with high hardness and block resistance. Specially recommended for water based metal primers, including primers for marine corrosion resistance or rust due to free halogens.


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